Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012It’s hard to believe New Year’s Eve has come and gone. Making a New Years resolution is something of a tradition, but not making them is becoming more and more popular. I am not a fan of big New Year’s resolutions. It’s a personal thing: grand plans for reform just don’t work for me. What I need are specifics. I need a goal. I’m a break-it-down kind of person. If it’s not concrete, it’s not happening.

Starting this web-site has been a labor of love. I started with the idea of just having a brigadeiro recipe site.  These little goodies are a family tradition and are so versatile. You can make the simple traditional chocolate with only three ingredients or be adventurous and try other flavors. Quick to make and quick to disappear.

Then I started to add recipes that my teen-age son and his friends snack on.  If you have a teenager you are well aware that they love to eat. When you have a pack of boys over you better make sure you have something available to serve such as  Meat and Bean Patties.  They are easy to make and are very filling.

Well, I was on a roll! So, I decided to change my concept to add simple, basic finger food. Some of the recipes are classic such as, Candied Bacon.   Others are not your run-of-the-mill appetizers. I hope you enjoy these bite size food recipes as much as I have.

So, my non-New Years resolution is to keep serving up some more great bite size recipes. Whether you made a resolution or not, I wish you an amazing 2012. And to the folks who were brave enough to make a resolution, I wish you luck in following through.