I’m a working mom of an active kid. My son is a member of boy scouts, choir and band. Symphonic, jazz, percussion, and marching band. That means that I have also been busy attending and volunteering and fund-raising at events along with many other parents.

If there is a common denominator, it is food. Especially bite size foods or finger foods.

My son is currently an Eagle Scout and a senior in high school. I have racked up quite a lot of mileage and experience preparing foods for classroom parties, field-trips, pot-luck parties and bake-sales.

I learned quickly that delicately assembled foods don’t travel well, and containers and serving utensils don’t always come home. There are strict time limits for set-up and clean-up. Budgets are often small. Lugging foods and supplies to and from the car is a chore!

Bite size appetizers and desserts and finger foods can help!

Bite size food recipes have allowed me to enjoy my time at parties and events. I hope this collection of recipes and party food ideas helps you too.